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Using Jordan Holy Water

Many believer from around the world seek to receive holy water from Jordan River, the river in which Jesus was baptized. The holy water is not just water but it is a cure for mind, body, and soul and it brings refreshment to your spirit, physic and emotion. Applying holy water from Jordan River to yourself and your beloved ones will bring you many benefits. Apply holy water to your spouse and children before you are going to bed, will be a great family tradition to pass to next generation. When one of your family member is sick, it would be best to apply holy water to them. It will bring the healing they need.

The holy water from Jordan River proofed to be able to give relief and healing, renewed faith, blessings from spiritual and bodily infirmities and comfort. Houses sanctifies by holy water is imparted by blessing of God.

 That’s why, it is good to keep a bottle of holy water near you and use it daily. You can use it to bless people who come to your house too. Before using it, you can make cross carefully and pray, “By this Holy Water and by Thy precious blood wash away all of my sins O Lord.”

 Beside applying holy water to yourself and family, you can apply it to your workspace, asking protection for what you do and sanctify your work for the glory of God. Or you can also apply it to your possession, like your car, your garden, your pet. Apply it, sprinkle it, ask for God’s protection and blessing for what you have. Don’t forget to pray a simple prayer that your soul will be kept beautiful in God’s eyes while making cross sign.

Peace River Olive Oil

In the Bible, oil is used for healing, cleansing, and anointing. In the Old Testament era, the prophets, and kings are anointed with oil as symbol of their appointment. Oil is used as medicine to anoint the wound and heal the sick. Today churches in the Holy Land use olive oil to light the altar’s oil lamps as a symbol of blessing and sign of peace and conciliation between God and mankind. But in modern churches, oil is commonly to use to anoint the sick, usually when someone sick, the family will call the minister to anoint the sick with oil as it is written in the book of James.

 Peace River Frankincense

Frankincense is famous as one of the gift the Mage gave to the newborn Jesus. In the Bible ancient era, frankincense was burned in Jerusalem’s sacred temples. The burning of frankincense has long history back thousand of years in the past. Frankincense mostly traded in Middle East and North Africa because it can be used as incense and has antiseptic and inflammatory properties.

 Even until now, people still acknowledge the benefits of frankincense. It is believed that frankincense is good for cuts and scrapes, astringent, digestive, diuretic, sedative and tonic properties.

 Beside burning it, you can also use frankincense with a carrier oil and applied to the bottom of feet to support the immune system. When burned, frankincense will give a fragrant, sweet, citrusy scent which contains chemicals that stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions. This same chemicals also help the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands that produce many of the important hormones in the body.

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