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The Importance of Jesus Baptism in Jordan River

Jordan River is famous because Jesus was baptized there. According to the gospels record, Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee to Jordan and met John there. When he came out of water, he saw the heavens opened and the Spirit descending upon him like a dove, and a voice came from heaven; “you are my beloved Son; with whom I am well pleased.”

 This event is important not because of the person who was baptized there or the one who did the baptism, but because in Jordan at that time for the first time after 400 years, God revealed himself to mankind. The rendering of heaven and the voice heard were the proof.

The rendering heaven also somewhat fulfilled Isaiah petition that God will rip open the heaven and came down to earth (Isa. 64:1). Symbolically it meant barrier between heaven and earth is removed and God has come to earth in the form of his Spirit-filled-son, Jesus.

 After the heaven opened, the Holy Spirit in the form of dove descended upon him. It means the Holy Trinity occurred in that event, which made this event is more important, because nowhere else in the Bible these three appeared at the same time and place.

 The descending of Holy Spirit and the voice of father confirmed Jesus’ status as Messiah, that has been awaited for centuries by Israelites and the world. In Jordan, God’s promise to send Savior has been fulfilled. In Jordan, Jesus ministry was began and Christianity was born. In Jordan, Jesus was “inaugurated” as Messiah and received full authority to act, authority to forgive sins, authority to heal the sick, authority to raise the dead, authority over demons, authority to determine truth and destiny.

After Jordan

Having baptized, Jesus who was full of Holy Spirit power, taken by the Spirit to wilderness, the area of east of Jordan and north Bethany for forty days. There, he was tempted by the devil but never sinned. After that, he went back to Jordan River where John baptized and met his first two disciples – whom at that time were John’s disciples. Jesus then began his public ministry, and one of the first things he did was baptizing and making disciples.

 Jesus’ Baptism and Ours

Some may wonder, if Jesus was God and man at the same time, why was he need to be baptized?  He did so to make example of humility to all who would follow him and is an example to us that we might all be baptized and be forgiven for our sins. Baptism is a sacrament that through it we are cleansed of all sin, elevated by grace and filled with the Holy Spirit; we are incorporated into the Church, the true Body of Christ. Baptism makes us united with Jesus in such way that the words Father spoke to him in his baptism are applied to us too, we are his beloved sons and daughter, in whom he is well pleased and the same Spirit that filled Jesus, now fills us too so we can do our ministry.

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