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Evil Spirits And Holy Water

Evil Spirits And Holy Water

From our little understanding, we know that Holy Water is the best application for anyone possessed with evil spirits or demonic influence. Holy Water can drive out an evil spirit from an environment.

However, we need to know what Holy Water is? Why is the water Holy, is it different from the natural water we know?

History Of Holy Water

Going back in history to 29AD when Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist at the river Jordan, the Baptism of the Son Of God sanctified the river that day to what we know as the Holy Water today. As we know, rivers never run dried, the power of God moves around the river Jordan every day to today.

According to the Bible in 2Kings 5:1-11 Naaman was a very wealthy man that was afflicted with leprosy. The prophet Elisha told him to wash himself in the river Jordan seven times and he will be healed of this affliction. Before the birth of Jesus the river Jordan has carried great power and has done tremendous things in the past.

What Is Holy Water

Holy Water is water that has been sanctified by a Reverend or Priest filled with the spirit of God, which that person is authorized to pray and bless water to become Holy.

Sprinkling the Holy Water on yourself is used to recall your baptism. The Holy Water is always kept in the Holy Water font, which is normally located at the front entrance of the church or sometimes in a separate apartment in the church called baptistery.

The church has smaller vessels that house Holy Water at the front entrance, and these vessels are called stoups. With the stoups at the door of the church, people can sprinkle the Holy Water on themselves.

Holy Water can be used to bless an environment, a person, your belongings, or any other object. The Holy Water repels the evil spirit from anyone blessed with Holy Water.

You need a weapon to fight a spiritual battle because the devil would also come along with his weapon.

It is obvious to say there’s evil in the world, and the devil is the originator of evil in this world. Anything evil as to do with the devil and his legion of demons seeking who to devour.

With the Holy Water, you can drive evil spirits back to where they came from, which is HELL. Although we might not be able to hide away from this evil, what we can do is to shield ourselves with the Holy Water as a mark of God upon us.

Mark 9:29 talks about the apostles that tried to drive out an unclean spirit from a young boy afterward they asked Jesus why the demon won’t leave the boy’s body, and he answered them and said something couldn’t be done except through prayer and fasting.

One of the great weapons against the devil is the Holy Water. Holy Water can drive out every unclean spirit present in anyone or any living space. Once the Holy Water has been sprinkled in the environment, you can be assured that the environment has been sanctified.

If you have a friend or family member that is possessed with the evil spirit, you should not hesitate to use the Holy Water to bless the person immediately as the Holy Water carries powers that are beyond human understanding.

Some people believe demonic possession is just a mere form of mental illness. Unknown to them, demonic possession are forces that can’t be taken likely. Some demonic possession leads to genuine harassment, it would look like a minor illness, but it is much more than that.

Demonic harassment can tamper with a person’s way of thinking that it results in a mental illness, which makes the situation much terrible. The Holy Water can cure them and drive out the demon terrorizing this person.

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