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[Answered] Where Does Genuine Holy Water Come From

[Answered] Where Does Genuine Holy Water Come From


For believers, the holy water is one of the most potent forces in the world for their protection against the evil. Applying holy water protects them against the evils of this world and beyond, cleanses their mind and soul, and blesses them with good fortune in life. Above it, the daily application can improve the quality of family relationships and even offer protection against a variety of illnesses.

Naturally, believers from around the world are curious to know the answers to questions like:

  • How is holy water made?
  • Where does holy water come from?
  • How to get more of it?

Let’s find out the answers to each of these questions.


How is Holy Water Made?

The purpose of the holy water determines how it is made. That’s right, the process can vary, albeit slightly, depending on its purpose.

In most cases, the making of holy water is quite straightforward. Regular water, when blessed, becomes holy water. The blessing can be as simple as making a simple cross sign over the water in a font. In some cases, the priest can perform a simple ritual whereby he reads out of the Bible during the blessing. Typically, during Easter, a major ceremony is held and a series of rituals are conducted to bless the water to turn it holy.

For some special purposes, like baptism, the water is also mixed with a little holy chrism (holy oil). Lastly, if the blessing is being obtained from the Extraordinary Form, then a pinch of salt is added to the water.


Where Does Holy Water Come From?

For practical purposes, the holy water created from any of the abovementioned methods is genuine. Therefore, the source of such holy water can be the church nearest to you.

However, the strength of holy water varies greatly depending on the source of the water used to create it and the process used during the blessing.

In the abovementioned examples, the holy water prepared during the Easter ceremony is believed to be more potent than the holy water prepared with a simple cross or over a readout from the Bible. Therefore, the source and the process have become a matter of great importance for believers in their search for the most potent holy water. So, where does holy water come from?

The most potent sources of holy water in the Christian world are – Lago de Sancticio and the Jordan River.

Lago de Sancticio is where the Vatican gets its supply of water for creating the holy water.

The river Jordan is where Christ was baptized and holds a special place in the hearts of Christians all over the world. For this reason, many believe Jordan river to be the holiest of the holy places.


How to Get More of It?

The good news is that you don’t have to catch the next flight to Jordan or the Vatican to get more holy water.

Holy Valley Foundation has dedicated itself to supplying holy water from the Jordan river to believers around the world. Just visit here, and order your very own bottle of holy water from the same place where Jesus was baptized.

That’s right! You can get the holy water from the river that was touched by Jesus.

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